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On Saturday, June 2, 2023, S3A Strategic Smart Soccer Academy proudly launched our inaugural In-House "Super Soccer League." This exciting grassroots recreational program has been a year in the making, and the time has finally come to unveil it. With our strategic growth in the North New York City/Westchester area, we felt it was the perfect moment to introduce the Strategical Smart Skilled Development In-house League, which aims to provide a continued pathway for the development of all our players.

Why is now the right time for this league?

When we established Strategic Smart Soccer, our primary objective was to offer a variety of skill-based and structured programs that would foster the best development opportunities for our players. Currently, we have more than four sites in the North Region, boasting top-notch coaches and 90 talented players.

Our players are carefully placed in teams based on their age and talent, ensuring balanced and small-sided games. This setup not only allows them to showcase their skills but also creates a fun and structured environment for them to thrive. With a total of 10 teams and three different age divisions, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive playing experience.

What sets our In-House League apart?

Unlike typical recreational leagues, we stand out by offering affordability while prioritizing player development. We take pride in our commitment to working with each individual player and helping them reach their full potential. Our certified and professional coaches follow a structured curriculum designed to enhance player growth.

At S3A, all our coaches are trained and certified by our Administrative Executive Coaches, ensuring that only qualified soccer experts guide our young athletes. We prioritize quality coaching, ensuring that our children are not taught by individuals without soccer expertise who simply oversee casual ball-kicking sessions.

If you reside in North Bronx, Yonkers, Portchester, Elmsford, or the surrounding areas, we invite you to join our exceptional developmental program and take part in our thrilling league play. Players will be assigned to in-house teams and compete against other S3A teams from nearby locations, as well as guest teams.

So, lace up your boots, step onto the turf, and strive for the ultimate goal - be the first to compete for the Super Soccer League Trophy! Join us today and embark on an unforgettable soccer journey.

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S3A family

At S3A, we pride ourselves on fostering a strong sense of community and camaraderie, making us more than just a soccer academy - we are a S3A soccer family. Our parents, kids, and coaches come together as a united force, sharing a common passion for the beautiful game. We believe that the journey of player development goes beyond the field, and we prioritize building meaningful relationships and creating a supportive environment. Through shared experiences, dedication, and a love for soccer, we form lifelong connections and create memories that extend far beyond the game. Our soccer family is a tight-knit community where everyone is valued and supported, working together to achieve both individual and collective success

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