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PARTICIPATION AUTHORIZATION AND LIABILITY WAIVER  The parent/guardian of the Registered participant and player, certifies this player (he/she) enrolled is in excellent health and has no physical, mental or emotional problems which are likely to prevent participation in strenuous physical play of soccer within this clinic. I agree to hold harmless and release from any liability S3A, STRATEGIC SMART SOCCER ACADEMY, Affiliates, their sponsors, their employees, the owners of the gym, parks and associated personnel of these organizations against any claim by or on behalf of the player enrolled, and ALL participating players enrolled and not-enrolled as a result of that player’s participation, should an injury be sustained during such participation. By checking the waiver form box, I acknowledge I have read, understood and agree with this statement.

INSURANCE  I certify that enrollee,  and/or participant(s), he/she is covered by medical insurance which will reimburse S3A, STRATEGIC SMART SOCCER  ACADEMY for expenses incurred by them, their agents and employees on account of medical procedures ordered at their discretion and also indemnify them from any expenses not reimbursed by such insurance. *All Parents/Guardian/Caregiver participating in activities, events also are required to certify they are covered by medical insurance and will uphold the above statements. By checking the waiver form box, I acknowledge I have read, understood and agree with the statement.

VIDEO/PHOTOGRAPHY  As part of player participation, I give consent for my player to be photographed, videotaped or filmed while participating in clinics, games, or special events and for the resulting images to be used by  S3A, STRATEGIC SMART SOCCER  ACADEMY for educational and promotional purposes. By checking the waiver form box, I acknowledge I have read, understood and agree with the statement.


Refund will be provided before your 4th training session. We will refund any difference from your payment, minus the full prorated value for session(s),any credit card and service fee(s) and a $35 S3a administrative and processing fee.  No refunds will be provided afterwards. Inorder to be eligible, you must notify S3A if your wish to withdraw your child no less than 48 hours before your 4th training session.  For 1/2 promo session offered by S3a, eligible refund will be provided before your 2nd training session   S3a, Strategic Smart Soccer also reserve the right to cancel training sessions due low enrollment and will work to accommodate your child with other days/times and/or venue. By checking the waiver form box, I acknowledge I have read, understood and agree with the statement


If your child is sick, please stay home. If your child needs to make up a training session, you must notify S3a office and we will make accommodations for your child to attend any other day, and/or location where his/her age group is being offered.  If it rains or classes must be cancelled due to weather or emergency, S3a will offer makeup sessions at the end of each program(s) season and/or S3a will provide options at different locations based on permits, days and times. Any cancellation made by S3A will be notified to you via email or phone text at least 2 hours before your session. By checking the waiver form box, I acknowledge I have read, understood and agree with the statement


S3A- Strategic Smart Soccer will provide a free tee-shirt for each participating child as supplies last and who have enrolled in full sessions, or if S3a is providing a promotional free tee-shirt with a 1/2 session(s) or class(s).  Participants MUST wear our T-shirt, so we kindly ask that all children wear them to class. We recommend that an Extra tee-shirt be bought during registration or on our online store. Participants MUST wear proper footwear with good sole traction,  sports sneakers (preferably indoor/ turf soccer sneakers) or soccer rubber cleats when training outdoors (Cleats only on grass or playable turf).  NO American Football or Baseball cleats, open shoes,sandals allowed. Participants with improper footwear will not be allowed to participate in class. Participants over age of 7 are required to wear shin-guards, however we do recommend that all kids over age of 6 wear age appropriate size shin-guards [5-7 XS-S, 8-10 S-M, 11-13 M] *shin-guards should be at least 3-4 inches below the knee, not above. Children who wear glasses must use shatterproof eyewear at all times. Proper clothing must be worn, dress comfortably, sweatpants or shorts are recommended, and when outdoors, dress according to weather. During warmer days, dress in light clothing, sunscreen and as the weather is colder, dress in multiple light layers, not just with 1 heavy coat, and bring your own water bottle . We want children to be comfortable and mobile.  Make sure to bring plenty of water and place in assigned areas. Absolutely no toys or snacks out of their containers on the field during class time. S3A- Strategic Smart Soccer is not responsible for personal belongings; please keep your items with you at all times. S3a-Strategic Smart Soccer will provide sports equipment during classes.** Participants in our Developmental, Academy programs and competition teams MUSTpurchase our team travel kit. This is not included with standard class enrollment. By checking the waiver form box, I acknowledge I have read, understood and agree with the statement.


We are always thinking in the safety of our Community and especially our children.  We want to be in compliance with NYS, NYC Parks & Recreation and CDC recommendations.  So are providing you again with the latest update of our Covid and Social distances protocol.  Please note that protocols can change at any time based on NYC/ CDC regulations. We will always do our best to provide you with the latest updates. 


Please note, that moving forward ALL participants must fill out a Covid Health & Consent form, each time they participate in a session and all Adults must wear a mask as required and recommended while in common areas, as well as maintaining social distancing. 


Covid - Back to Play Rules
We want to maintain a safe place for our participants to train, learn and enjoy, while feeling safe to participate in our training and fun play time.  We are following NYC safety protocols in order to limit and be exposed to Covid and other viruses and be able to be in compliance. For any indoor sport or outdoor recreational activity, we are limiting capacity to no more than 50% of the maximum occupancy for a particular area, inclusive of employees, patrons/players/spectators.

We want to limit spectators to no more than 2 spectators per
player or the State’s social gathering limit – Ensure 6 ft. distance between individuals at all times, whether indoors or outdoors, unless safety or core activity (e.g. practicing, playing) requires a shorter distance. If a shorter distance we require, individuals must wear face coverings when not participating in activities,  and recommend mask, unless players are unable to tolerate such a covering when participant is doing physical activity
(practicing, playing); provided, however, that coaches, trainers, and/or other individuals who are not directly engaged in activity are required to wear
face coverings.
At check-in desks must maintain six feet from other individuals, unless there is a physical barrier between them. Any time employees interact with patrons/players/spectators, they must wear acceptable face coverings.
and maintain spaces of 6 ft. in all commonly used areas indoors or outdoors.


For sports/recreation activities that may involve group interaction, we are using remote check-in, and all participants must fill out a Covid Health & Consent form each time they are attending a training.  Form is on our website:


If participants do not fill out forms, they may be asked not to participate in activities.


** under Covid-19 and other communicable viruses/diseases that are easily transmittable, and put participants at RISK:

* Fill Covid Health & Consent Form

* Players may have temperature checked prior to entering facilities. 

*A mask may be required to be worn in designated areas outside of the training area.   Adults must have masks worn, children who cannot due to breathing issues, may not be required to wear during training/game activities, but must outside of training areas.

* hands must be washed or use hand sanitizer each time we get to the training area. 

* water bottles, bags, towels shall not be shared, and maintain social distance as and where required and appropriate.

* Advise the coach/trainer if you have been injured or feel ill. 

*Must not participate in any activity if the participant has prior injury or is feeling ill until healthy to do so.


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